The Centurion Challenge 2.0 Road to 10K

The Centurion Challenge at Score, The Roof sees contestants competing to down 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes, walking away with RM1,000 & 1 barrel of beer and will automatically be qualifying into the Grand Finals!


I am more of a beer drinker than hard. So when my friend, Wendy, invited me to join her in one of the “Centurion Challenge” events at Score at The Roof last July 23, 2015 I immediately said “Yes!”.


What is this Centurion Challenge all about? Apparently, it’s a beer drinking game with about 15 contestants. All they have to do is chug shots of beer and the contestant who downs 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes walks away with RM 1000 and a barrel of beer, while automatically qualifying to join the Grand Finals on August 28, 2015 with RM 10,000 up for grabs. 10-20 contestants will be vying for the Ultimate Winner title and win RM 10,000. Only one can win. So if you think you got what it takes to be the winner of this year’s Centurion Challenge 2.0 then consider joining!



So anyway, Wendy and I went to the watch how the game goes.

_DSC0095 _DSC0096    _DSC0107  _DSC0113

Well, I did not join the preliminaries as I am not that confident… yet! Since I have not been drinking lately (healthy living? hahah). Instead, I just enjoyed a tower of Carlsberg courtesy of Score at the Roof while I cheered for the bloggers who joined. (And here’s a bad quality photo of me and Wendy hahah)



And the winners that day were:
1) Russ

2) Owanye Khoo

Lucky guys went home with RM 1000!!!

IMG_9805 IMG_9813

Maybe next year, I will give it a shot. I should start training now if that’s the case hahaha!


This event is organized by Score at the Roof, a premium F&B and entertainment pub at Klang Valley.

For more inquiries contact:
Kesh Sandhu
[email protected]


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