The Merchant Transforms Into A Hip Watering Hole in PJ

After a hectic week at work, nothing beats hanging out with friends with a glass of wine or beer. It is one of the things I look forward to every Friday and weekends so I am always on the look out for a nice chill-out spot with a posh and stylish ambiance… and The Merchant at The Armada Petaling Jaya delivers just that.

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Just re-launched last July 29, 2015, the newly re-branded pub at The Armada, now called “The Merchant”, surprised everyone with it’s new fresh look. I was impressed with the New York cosmopolitan-esque vibe the whole place adapted, which spelled sophistication. The chairs were classy while the rest of the surrounding was sublime. I especially loved the illuminated copper and wood bar.

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There was also a 3-piece band performing to entertain guests with soft and mellow music.



The event also gave us an opportunity to try out their specialty cuisines which included sumptuous hors d’oeuvre such as smoked duck with orange, otak-otak on toast, assorted sushi balls, mini lemon and raspberry tarts

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My favorites were the tasty and flavorful pandan chicken served in shot glasses, grilled beef with asparagus and the cute cigar-shaped chocolate rolls.

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That night I came with my blogger friend, Mary Jane, and music buddy, Ver. The grand launch served as a perfect venue to catch up and mingle with other blogger friends present in the event. We were all treated to overflowing variety of drinks such as whiskey, beers, red and white wines and  cocktails. Of course I took advantage of the beer department hahaha. 😀


We were then taken to The Merchant’s extension, The Merchant Live, which is the livelier and more pumped up venue.

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The place was jampacked with dancing guests grooving with one of Malaysia’s prominent cover band, Hydra. The ambiance was alive with people singing along with old and new hits being played by the band.vYYtV3pjIPN6gfbct7VmTtnWfQAWX8EzrJgoCz4fyNg

The Merchant Live also has three private suites fully equipped with karaoke entertainment, dart machine and a pool table. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to check it out but I wasn’t able to test out their karaoke (because I was busy chatting with people and checking out the place hehe), which I was looking forward to. People close to me know that I am a karaoke addict and one of the first things I was looking for when I arrived in Malaysia is a karaoke place… and here it is!



It was a fun night indeed and I had a great time partying and chilling out with buddies and blogger friends. The Armada Hotel did a pretty good job in revamping the place.


So if you’re looking for a chill out place for after work drinks or to chill out with good music and drinks with friends in PJ then check out The Merchant and The Merchant Live at The Armada Hotel.

The Merchant
Open daily : 1600 – 0100 (Monday–Sunday)
No cover charge
The Merchant Live
Open daily : 1900 – 0100 (Monday–Saturday)
From 9pm onwards : Wednesday–Saturday : Support Local Live Music Series
Tel : +603 7954 688 ext 4629 / 4554
Email :
Facebook :/TheMerchantLiveBar
Instagram : @merchantlivebar
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  • salil

    amazing place . Looks so costly to stay nd have fun. Lucky you reia. you r enjoying life at its fullest nd u desrve it:x:x

    • The drinks are kinda affordable salil 🙂 Just the place looks posh hehehe