Trikstars Masters of Trickery and Magic Now In Malaysia!

What was supposed to be a boring Friday night took an interesting turn when my work colleagues and I went to watch the gala premiere of TRIKSTARSMasters of Trickery at Sunway Lagoon Ampitheatre last December 4, 2015.


It was a memorable and magical night as we watched 7 performers from Las Vegas and Europe perform amazing magical acts and delightful comedy. It was a magical show like no other!

The show started off with Phelston Jones showing amazing tricks mixed with comedy, followed by Sylvester the Jester doing cartoon-ish acts (it was like watching Looney Tunes come to life).

Pic A Pic B

Then King Charles Troupe (one of my favorite acts) wowed us with their unicycling skills as they play basketball and shoot hoops while riding a unicycle, that for me is unbelievably awesome! It seems easy but wow massive respect, it ain’t easy to play basketball while in a unicycle!

Pic D


Magus Utopia then delivered a fantastic trick show in a rather dark story-telling format mixed with illusions in their Nightmare act, it was like watching a theatrical performance but with lots of magical tricks.

Pic C

My friend’s favourite came up next: the award winning dance troupe, Sebastian and Kristina, who entertained us with their fast transformations, which got me asking “How did they do that?”.

Pic J


My other favorite act is from Rudy Colby, whom I call the “fire guy”, I mean how he executed those fire tricks was stunning! Really kept me at the edge of my seat.

Pic F

J’aime Holland also performed song numbers in between each act singing hits from the 80’s and 90’s (and some modern songs).

Pic G


At the end of the night me and my friends were all smiles as we truly enjoyed the show. We wanted to shout encore but I guess getting up close with the cast to take pictures and chat with them was enough to cap the night.

20151204_230217 20151204_230551 20151204_230800 20151204_231358


TRIKSTARS – Masters of Trickery runs every Wednesday to Monday from 5th December to 20th December 2015 at 8:00pm.

Ticket prices are available from RM 70 for children and RM100 for adults. Book your tickets now at

For   more   information:
Contact Sunway   Lagoon   at   +603-5639   0000
Log on to Sunway   Lagoon’s  website at or its Facebook page.

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  • Trislynn Chan

    i never watch this kind of show before, it seems like i should watch once in my life time

  • Miriam Goh

    Yay! More magic shows! I love watching them and it is so exciting seeing them pull out tricks

  • anah

    that sounds attractive show, haven’t watched kind of show, thank for sharing

  • Syafiera Yamin

    wah beautiful la you reia !

  • Geng Qian

    loving the smoke coming out from the ears hahaha

  • Emily Lowe

    What a wonderful show! MY friend was there and kept sharing videos with me, LIVE! LOL

  • Low Sze Shin

    Looks very interesting magic show.

  • You make me want to catch this show so badly ! The performance looks really interesting!

  • Jane Chua

    I really wanted to watch this. Looks great.

  • leonamanutd

    wow so awesome that you get to selfie with the stars! I had to leave early as it was late that night, but the show was really heart stopping literally

  • Cheryn

    Wow, you are really pretty Reia! The photos looks so fun!

  • The guy next to you in the first pix looks creeepy! Sounds like a fun show to attend!

  • Sharon Lee

    Looking great in these photos! I love magic show, looks really fun and excited!! ><

  • rachell ho

    great show !

  • This is so fun! Love magic show!!!! Thanks for sharing~

  • Ivy Kam

    Few of my friends are planning holidays with their kids, will share your post with them 🙂

  • what a wonderful show.. tag me along next time haha

  • Kelly Chin

    King Charles Troupe is my favourite act as well.

  • sherrygo

    yeah a nice magic show that I like and my favourite is nightmare. My son also likes nightmare, its okay for him not too scary..

  • Misz Aein

    Wow! Magic are soooo cool! I really hope that I can spare some time to watch it live.

  • Love all the magics here. Rmb to bring me along ok hahaha. :p

  • alankllim

    Fun performance. Sometime we need some break in busy working life.