REVIEW: Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence

To be honest, I don’t like putting on sunscreen since most of the ones I tried are greasy or too thick and I thought I don’t really need ’em. Until I found out how important sun protection is to keeping skin young and radiant. I got really alarmed when I saw the long term effect of sun exposure. But looking for the right sunscreen is tedious.

When I first heard of Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence thru Althea Korea from this article I got really curious. Thankfully, I was able to get a sample to try out.

The first time I tried it I was so surprised as it was not any typical sunscreen. It did not leave any sticky feeling after application and the best part is that it is really light. It turns into water when applied to the skin.

Here’s the lowdown on this product:

Clear, glistening moisture energy from deep ocean

  • 61% of Hawaii Kona deep ocean water = 72 hours lasting moisture, dewy skin
  • 30 kinds of ocean plant extracts = revitalize skin, moisturizing, protect skin
  • 45 kinds of plant extracts = create skin protection layer, provide protein and vitamins, brighten skin

It’s UV protection with SPF 50+ that has whitening and anti-aging effects.

TEXTURE: It is runny as it is water-based so it gives out a watery finish upon application. It feels very light. It leaves a dewy finish.

SCENT: I love the smell. It has a light refreshing scent.
COLOR: It is yellowish right out of the container but it goes transparent upon application.

PRICE: Normal price is RM 115 but you can purchase it via Althea Korea for only RM 58! Not bad considering the quality of this sunscreen.

VERDICT: For a sunscreen protection with the additional benefits (whitening and anti-aging) this is one of the best I tried so far. What I really love about it is that since the strength of sunscreen will only last upto 4 hours then you need to retouch. In my experience even if  I’m wearing make-up it did not mess up my make-up. I just simply pat Vella on my face on top of the make-up, it just left a dewy effect. I remember during our media trip in Johor, since we were mostly outdoors, I would always touch-up and voila, my face is protected without messing up my make-up. It is not sticky, greasy and it did not leave an uncomfy feeling.


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